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Academic Computing ID (ACID)

  • Academic Computing ID ( ACID ) is the unique ID assigned to the user through the authentication of the server.
  • It is used to gain access to academic computing systems and other application systems .
  • All students have their own user ID after registering the program through their respective faculties .

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We provide services related to the development of systems  human resource by Registrar Office

URL: hrfin.utm.my





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  • Internet Bandwidth Allocation
    • 1Gbps link to Internet
    • 100Mbps dedicated link to Student College
    • Gigabits backbone network (through fiber optic) for all building in UTMKL
    • monitoring system to manage and maintenance networking
    • 2Gbps link to Internet
    • 100Mbps link between UTM JB – KL
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High Performance Computer

  • In the computing field, HPC means High Performance Computing.
  • It is a computation done on High Performance Computers.
  • High Performance Computers are computers with great processing capabilities terms of CPU speed, large memories and disk space.
  • These are needed for large complex computation and large data sets.

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We provide services related to the development UTM financial management system

  1. UTM Financial Management System services
  2. Student Account Management System services
  3. Online Payment System




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Staff Email


1. To login, you need to use your USERNAME and PASSWORD;

USERNAME : < put your full email address, eg: ali@utm.my >

PASSWORD : < put your barcode number >

2. Press “Sign In” button to proceed.

3. Then, you can access to your Gmail Inbox.

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