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AMOSAMOS is statistical software and it stands for analysis of a moment structures. AMOS is an added SPSSmodule, and is specially used for Structural Equation Modeling, path analysis, and confirmatory factor analysis.  It is also known as analysis of covariance or causal modeling software. AMOS is a visual program for structural equation modeling (SEM). In AMOS, we can draw models graphically using simple drawing tools. AMOS quickly performs the computations for SEM and displays the results.



In calculation of SEM coefficients, AMOS uses the following methods:

  • Maximum likelihood
  • Unweighted least squares
  • Generalized least squares
  • Browne’s asymptotically distribution-free criterion
  • Scale-free least squares

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download file amos

Requirement for installing SPSS Amos 23

Download the file here(.Net Framework 4)

Installation Guide HERE!