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1.  How do I get the UTM webmail account?
You have to have a registered staff number at UTM.

2.  How big is the mail quota given to each user?
Each user will be given 1000MB of mail quota.

3.  Is staff allowed to have email quota bigger then the quota given?
No. The quota given if fix, as given by the Webmail UTM administrator.

4.  Can a user transfer his email to his personal computer? 
Yes. This can be done using mail client such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird through POP3 service. If one is using a shared computer, please make sure that his personal login account is used to avoid other people from reading the mails.

5.  How do I change the email password?
This can be done after one has logged in to the Webmail System. Then go to menu Preference > Change password.

6.  What should I do if the email quota size is full?
Empty the SpamDeleted Items and Sent Items directories using the Empty Folder menu.