+6 07 55 32136 / 32626 || +6 03 2615 4440 cict@utm.my



1: How may I check my ACID account?
If you want to check your ACID username/password ,click here.

2: How to change my ACID password?
You must go this site http://acid.utm.my/menu.php and click login. You should login using your ACID account. By default, IC / Passport number for password.

3: How to reset my password? I think I forgot my password.
You must call CICT, En.Syed Mohd Anwar (075532041) and En.Helmy Nur (075532519) or email to acid@utm.my.


1: Which system using ACID account?
Some of systems are:

AIMSWEB: URL: http://aimsweb.utm.my
P/s: Just for Student Undergraduate UTM.

SPS : URL: http://pendaftaran.utm.my/sps
P/s: Just for Student Postgraduate UTM.

ELearning: URL: http://elearning.utm.my
P/s: For Lecturer, Student Postgraduate and Undergraduate UTM.

Siswa mail: URL: http://siswa.utm.my
P/s: Just for student UTM

Eportfolio: URL: http://eportfolio.utm.my
P/s: Just for currently year one Undergraduate UTM.

UTM Motion: URL: http://utmotion.utm.my
P/s: For All student and staff UTM

VPN System: URL: http://vpn.utm.my/acid
P/s: For All student and staff UTM

2: Can I change my ACID’s user ID?
No because we have created automatically from system.

3: I’ve logged on to some of UTM websites that use ACID account but I can’t log on to? Why?
i. It is because ACID’s password is a case-sensitive.
ii. You’ve not register programme in SPS. (For Student Postgraduate).
iii. You’ve not register programme in your faculty. (For Student Undergraduate).


1: Why I can’t logon websites that use ACID account? What step can I do?
i. Firstly, make sure you already have UTM mail. If not yet, you should contact to En. Zainal Ami, ext 32270 (email: mailsupport@utm.my)
ii. Then, please state your full name, IC number, staff number, faculty and your email UTM and then email to acid@utm.my

2: Can I change my ACID’s user ID?
No because user ID created same from staff mail ID.


1: Why I can’t logon eLearning using my ACID’s account?
You should login to eLearning SPACE (http://elearnspace.utm.my/) as your username is metric no. and the password is IC no. If you are still having the problem to login eLearning SPACE, kindly please don’t hesitate to contact Puan Azilawati or En. Khairi (075218116 or 075217177)