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1. How do I check my ACID Account (Username and Password)
You may check your ACID account at this site http://acid.utm.my

2. I forgot my password. What should I do?
Please contact Mr. Helmy Nur (helmy@utm.my) or Mr. Azmi Khamis (azmikamis@utm.my) to reset your password.

3. How do I enroll courses?
STEP 1: Login as usual and if you want to enroll a subject, please insert either the course subject or code subject correctly in the space next to the Search courses button on the right top corner. For example, you can insert ELEARNING GUIDE FOR STUDENT or code subject like SBA0212-01. It depends on the subject you need to enroll in. Then, click the button.

STEP 2: Click on the link.

STEP 3: Before gaining access to the subject, you must get your Enrolment Key from your course subject lecturers’. Then, key in the Enrolment Key and click Enrol me in this course button. Please ensure that the Enrolment Key has been type-in correctly using the appropriate case (upper/lower case).

STEP 4:You will be shown a screen of that course subject to verify that your enrollment has been successful.


STEP 1: Log in as usual and if you want to unenroll a subject, please click on the specific subject. For example, to unenroll ELEARNING GUIDE FOR STUDENT is shown as below.

STEP 2: Click on the Unenrol me from EL02 at the bottom of the Administration block.

STEP 3: If you are sure to unenroll on that subject, click the Yes button.

STEP 4: Please ensure that, the unenroll subject does not appear anymore on My courses block.

4. How do I solve login problem using Internet Explorer browser

a) i. When you first time login to eLearning System, if you get the message as below

ii. Click ‘Continue to this website (not recommended)’

iii. Login as usual.

b) i. When you use Internet Explorer version 7 and above, if you get the message as below

ii. Click on the yellow bar and choose Display Blocked Content

iii. Then it will refer back to the main page and you are able to login as usual

5. How do I solve login problem using Mozilla version 3.0 above

  • When you first time login to eLearning System, if you get the message as below
  • Click on Add Exception button then click Get Certificate button
  • After that click Confirm Security Exception
  • Login as usual.

6. The course I am teaching is not listed. When I looked up the course and click on the link, an enrollment key was required. What should I do?

This simply means that the system does not recognise you as the course lecturer. This usually occurs when your faculty did not provide the necessary information in the Academic Information Management System, AIMS. The e-learning system downloads data of courses and lecturers from AIMS at the beginning of semester. To solve such a problem, contact your IT manager or CTL.

7. Some of my students complained that they cannot access my course. How do I register them to my course?

Students can self register to any course in the system. They have to search for the course and click on the link to access it. When they were asked to key in the enrollment key, type in the default key which is the course code plus section number. For example: ABC1234-01. Enrollment keys are case sensitive and lecturers can change their course enrollment key. Alternatively, if you had the time, you can also enroll the students to your course, one by one. However, the first method is so much easier.

8. I am managing two sections consisting of fifferent groups of students. I would like to combine the two sections so that the students can access the same lecture notes as well as to participate in the same learning activities.

Ask the students from Section 2 to register themselves in Section 1. Don’t forget to leave a note in Section 2 telling the students to use Section 1 only.

9. I am the course coordinator for a course that has several sections. How can I manage the section so that my colleques that are teaching the different sections can access the same course materials?

Starting this semester, we can create a special section (called a metacourse) which can be accessed by all lecturers and students from the relevant sections. Send your request by telling us your course code and sections that need to share the same materials. We recommend that you use the metacourse for students to download resources (shared lecture notes and external links) and still maintain the individual section for class activities (forum, quiz, assignment etc.). Of course, there are other strategies.

10. The course that I am teaching this semester is similar to the one that I have previously taught. How do I retrieve the materials that I have uploaded?

All the courses from the previous session/semester are still kept in the system (without the student data). For example, courses that are taught in Semester 2 Session 2008/2009 can be accessed at http://elearning.utm.my/08092. You can also access it via the Archives link. Log in by using the same username and password as those that have been used in that particular semester.

11. I am teaching only two courses this semester. However, there are four courses registered under my name in the e-learning system. Why is that so?

The system will automatically retain all the courses that you have managed in the e-learning system. This is to enable you to retrieve the data that you need or those that you want to use as references. Just activate the two courses that you are managing in the current semester and unenroll yourself from courses that are not needed.

12. I am teaching ABC1234 this semester. In the e-learning system, the course is full of materials from the previous session. However, the contents are not mine. Why is that so? And what should I do?

All the courses that contain data from the previous session will automatically be included in the system. If you are teaching the same course as the one that you have taught in the previous session, it will automatically be incorporated for your own use. However, there is a possibility that you will be getting the course content from the previous lecturer. You can either continue using the existing course contents, modify the content to suit the course requirements or you can also remove all the data and replace them with your own materials.

13. I tried to restore the course that I taught last semester to this semester. Unfortunately, some of the materials that I have from the previous semester could not be retrieved successfully. What should I do?

There is a possibility that you have selected inappropriate choices or options when you did the restoring process.. One of the most important option is “Restore to:current course, deleting it first”. If you have chosen this option, the new course should be an exact copy of the previous one.