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URL: UTM-CICT Anti-Virus initiative program

In order to improve user’s computer security, the university has introduced a new Antivirus software for all users in UTM. Users are encouraged to switch to this new antivirus software because the current service of Kaspersky antivirus expired. Prior to installation, users are advised to download and understand the guidelines in the file listed, which are Guide to uninstall Kaspersky and Install symantec Anti-Virus. Other useful information are Info on symantec of the Installation.

In this website you can

  • Download the latest Anti-Virus software
  • View how to to install AV on your PCs or mobile devices
  • View solutions on how to prevent and eliminate virus from your machine
  • View Latest virus threat
  • Contact our support team
  • Any many more…

Please feel free to navigate and explore this website and help us make UTM a virus free computing environment!

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